March 8, 2011

Super Junior M Debuts At Number 2 In Album Sales

Super Junior M debuted at number 2 on the G-Music album sales chart this week, while Show Luo held on to the number 1 spot for the second week in a row.

Super Junior M's latest album "Perfection" was not perfect enough to debut ahead of Show Luo's latest album "Only For You". Show's album accounted for 21.05% of all album sales this week, make it the top selling album. Super Junior M's album accounted for 14.69% of all album sales, giving them a debut at number 2. Wilber Pan's latest album rounded out the top 3 selling 8.22% of all albums.

Also new to the chart this week were SID, Justin Bieber and the new girl group MissTER.

The top 10 albums for the week of 02/25/11 - 03/03/11 were:

1. Show Luo - Only For You, 21.05%
2. Super Junior M - Perfection, 14.69%
3. Wilber Pan - 808, 8.22%
4. Della Ding - Soul Mate, 2.48%
5. SID - dead stock, 1.77%
6. Justin Beiber - Never Say Never (The Remixes), 1.67%
7. Edison Lin - Curtain, 1.59%
8. A-Lin Huang - Loneliness Is Not The Hardest Part, 1.39%
9. MissTER - MISSTER, 0.9%
10. Ricky Xiao - Alone Doesn't Mean Lonely, 0.83%

src: jpopasia
written: nia@ksplash



rococo said...

wow !! yeah super junior is the first in my heart!