August 25, 2010

Korean Drama Quotes Part I

" Life is like a Box of Chocolates, you never know what your gonna get." (My Name is Kim Sam Soon)

"If you can't love me then at least use me to save your love one..." (My Girlfriend is Nine-Taled Fox)

Yu Rin (who lies about everything) : Because my love is Not a lie (My Girl)

lee you jae: so much that it feels like the univerese will explode, for as long as it takes for the oceans to dry up, so much that i don't care if my soul burns in to ashes. i love you  (Full House)

I’ll let her go,
I won’t let her go,
I have to let her go,
I can’t let her go,
I can let her go,
I don’t…want to let her go.”  (My Girl)

"When destiny comes
you'll know it for sure
I'm not clear about it,
I just know it is so
A feeling of absolute certainty...
of knowing you belong to each other
That's how it's like
In my eyes, she's all that I see."
-Hyun Woo  (save the last dance for me)

"Love is... when you hold it, your arms hurt.
But when you put it down, your heart hurts." (loveholic)

"Love must be something you only see from outside, it flows only in one direction. No matter how many times I wanted to give up and collapse, I couldn't do it. I was worried that I'd lose him, even as a friend. So I forced myself to laugh and pretend I'm fine, but my legs hurt so much. The ground feels like thorns, and the wind feels like knives. Hyun Chol, I want to see you so much"  (All About Eve)

“You broke my heart, tissue won’t fix it” – (200 Pounds of Beauty)

“Let’s pray that in our next life…we don’t love each other” (Goong)

“Just smile and there’s nothing you can’t overcome” (Smiling Pasta)

Cha Moo-hyuk : God... if you do exist.. I'll promist you.
Song Eun-che, if you let me have her next to me,
I'll give up everything right now
I'll quietly die...
(Sorry I love u)

Maybe that man loves her more than i did. nevertheless, it doesn't necessarily mean that my love is less for her. - Song Joo (stairway to heaven)

what would i be if i don't have you, what would i be after you leave here. - Tae Hwa  (stairway to heaven)

"Everytime I look at you, I want to live." - Moo Hyuk (sorry i love u)

"Love is just a game to Starcraft" - Min Joo  (sorry i love u)

"I shouldn't have come back. I was abandoned like trash anyway. I should've lived like trash. And disappear quietly like trash." - Cha Moo Hyuk, (Sorry I Love You)

“Love does not ask you to discard your pride, it’s about protecting a person. Don’t do this in the future. Don’t believe people so easily. Don’t fall in love so easily. Don’t forgive easily either. Please… become stronger.” – Jin Ho (Personal  Taste)

“That’s right, I was like that then. Even when I was forced to suffer such indignities, I was a fool who couldn’t even say a word in my defense. But no more of that now. I suppose he must of changed me.” – Kae In (Personal  Taste)

“I raced to the death, hearing people call me crazy. I raced to the death, but I’m always just a child. A child who couldn’t do anything when his father died. So unjust it makes me crazy. There was nothing I could do. Just a child hitting the wall. No matter how far I run, I’m always in the same place.” – Jin Ho (Personal  Taste)

“A person like you has never waited all day for a phone call from the person you like. Or felt that your heart might burst, just from looking at this person. You could die and come back from the grave and never know. The person who made me feel that way told me to come outside. No matter how wrong he was, I want to hear him out. What can I do? I’m just built like this, so what can I do?” – Kae In
(Personal  Taste)

“I like you. No matter how hard I try not to like you, no matter how hard I try to erase you… my efforts are so fruitless to the extent that I get angered by it.” – Jan Di (Boys Before Flowers)

“I can’t promise her anything now. I can’t tell her I’ll always make her laugh, that I’ll make her happy or to trust in me. Being the son of someone like that, being a member of that kind of family — I hate it enough myself so how must she feel? She would of have hated everything she went through already.” – Jun Pyo (Boys Before Flowers)

“Just because you were born male, doesn’t automatically make you a man. Becoming stronger from losing, yielding even though it is unfair, running away even though it’s shameful, overcoming self confidence over time, that’s how one becomes a real man.” (Boys Before Flowers)
“I don’t know when it started either. But now, I can’t be without you.” – Ji Hoo (Boys Before Flowers)

“I’d thought that it might be better to send her to you rather than stay with her when I make things so difficult for her. I didn’t even want to imagine it, but if I had to, I thought the other person must be you, that you were the only one it could be. But still, I can’t do it.” – Jun Pyo (Boys Before Flowers)

“This time I realized that you and I are from different worlds. We met as though in a dream, but now it’s time for us to return to our own worlds.” – Jan Di (Boys Before Flowers)

“There’s already someone I love. She’s the first in my life and for the rest of my life, she’ll be the only one. You still want to marry me?” – Jun Pyo (Boys Before Flowers)

“If the person you love is suffering because of you, can you let her go?” – Ji Hoo (Boys Before Flowers)

“Your enemy is not her. Make it on your own. And what you make on your own, protect it. If you don’t do that, then you have nothing to say even if it’s taken away from you.” – Ki Hoon (Cinderella’s Sister)

“Don’t talk so sweetly to me. I’m not very smart so it really, really confuses me. If I think about it, from the day you came here, till the day you officially rejected me… while you were scolding me for being childish, telling me not to lean on you… you were exactly as sweet to me as you’ve always been. Even if the world crumbles, the feeling that if I held onto you everything would be okay… you did that. You pushed me off the edge of a cliff, and then you’re being sweet to me again — you can’t do that.” – Hyo-sun (Cinderella’s Sister)

“It hurts when I don’t see him, and when I do. It hurts whether he’s here, or whether he’s not. Hurts whether he smiles at me, or smiles at someone else. Hurts whether he calls my name, or doesn’t. As long as I don’t disappear into the earth, I think I’ll continue to feel hurt, Jung-woo, but still, being here is better. Being able to see him and hate him is better than him not being here.” – Eun-jo (Cinderella’s Sister)

“I like you so much, so what can I do? Even if you get mad at me, scold me, are ashamed of me, don’t think I’m good enough, ignore me, scornfully laugh at me, whether you think I’m an embarrassment and put me down… but I like you so much. What do I do then?” – Hyo-sun (Cinderella’s Sister)

“You’re such a simpleton. Why is everything black or white with you? It’s not as simple as like or dislike. It could be kind of like or kind of dislike. There’s plenty of gray areas.” (Sassy Girl Chun-hyang )

“There are happy marriages and unhappy marriages. Some marriages with an unknown end, some with a known end. But our marriage is a marriage too. I fought with you everyday and packed my bags a few times. But I never thought this is the end. I’m never coming back. Let’s do our best. Live with energetic power until the day that we really do part ways. Fighting until then. “ – Ji-eun (Full House)

“You can take care of her, because I’ll be taking care of you.” – Ji-eun (Full House)

“How many people are there who do it because they like it? They do these things to feed themselves, to live and not to die. Living is just like that. Who are you to do the things you like or find funny?” – In Woo (Princess Prosecutor)

“Who cares about all that, when I believe in you, when I like you, when I want to be with you.” – Hwan (Shinning Inheritance)

“I like you. Whether you’re a man or an alien, I don’t care anymore.” – Han Kyul (Coffee Prince)

“I want to live with you. For the rest of my life, I want to eat together, talk together, sleep together, be together. Do I need any other reason?” – Han Kyul (Coffee Prince)

“No matter how meanly you treat me, you’re still pretty to me. Even if you get mad and yell, you’re cute. I really like you a lot. But if you truly hate me, I won’t call you anymore and I’ll give up. So tell me, do you really hate me?” – Min Yeop (Coffee Prince)

“The moment a man makes a woman his, the man wants that woman to live according to his wishes. But just because he’s won her over, can he force her to do as he wants?” – Han Sung (Coffee Prince)

“Don’t be anywhere where I can’t see you!” – Tae Kyung (You’re Beautiful)

“It’s not a crime to like someone.” – Jeremy (You’re Beautiful)

“You’re listening now, aren’t you? It’s so bright here, and your side is so dark that I can’t see you. Please, don’t be where I can’t see you! Come to where I can see you. Give permission to let me see you.” – Tae Kyung (You’re Beautiful)

“I’m going to keep telling you, so listen good every day. I love you.” – Tae Kyung (You’re Beautiful)

“When I thought you were a guy, I was okay with it. When I found out you were a girl, I was okay with it. But if you like him, I can’t be okay with it. Why? Why wasn’t it me? I told you about my treasure bus, and I let you close to Jolie and I was going to sing a song only for you. Why don’t you like me?” – Jeremy (You’re Beautiful)

“He’s like a bright, shining star. When I receive that light, I feel brighter and also darker. When it’s bright I get my hopes up, and when it darkens I feel disappointment. I hate myself for this and feel ashamed.” – Mi Nam (You’re Beautiful)

“Even though I haven’t confessed to her yet, I feel like I’ve been rejected a hundred times already.” – Shin Woo  (You’re Beautiful)

“The weird thing is hearing that she’s “not beautiful enough” and “not suitable to be the Princess”. The more I hear that, the more I am attracted to her.” – Yul (Goong)

“There are times that I want to let you go, but sometimes I wouldn’t want to let you go. So before my heart wants to let you go, growing old together is not a bad idea.” – Shin (Goong)

“To meet such a good friend like you was great, but I can’t give you my heart, yet you keep looking at me. Long time ago, Shin said that stars have a reason to die, and so do humans. 2.5 million years. When those 2.5 million years pass, they say that you might even meet the people you know again. I may be leaving his side now but… I think in 2.5 million years, I’ll still like him.” – Chae Gyung(Goong)

“You’re not afraid of anything in this world, but when you see a bug you start quivering in fear. Rather than having a single finger broken on your girlfriend, you’re an idiot that thinks it would be better if all your ribs were broken instead. You don’t even know the difference between pride and privacy. You’re so stupid you swear your always right even though you completely mess up every saying in the book. You hate kids but you want to take your son to go see the stars.
You want to become a good father. You’re a lonely but affectionate person. That’s exactly who you are. Say it… my name.” – Jan Di (Boys Before Flowers)

"You must stay by my side. Not those who constantly press and urge me, those who make me feel even more lonely, but someone to make eye contact with, someone who will bring me flowers, whose histrionics always comforts me, even holding my trembling hands. Bidam. You must be the one."- Queen Seondeok to Bidam (Queen Seonduk)

"Nobody can call my name now, calling my name means treason, even if it is devotion that moves you to do so, all creation will consider it a treacherous act. Why did I change? Because at the very moment I lost my name, you become nothing but an influential subject of mine. For I am the ruler who must always consider and suspect you, for I must always suspect and speculate on whether you will become another MISHIL, but Bidam, do you realize how arduous it is?Do you even realize how I wish to trust you and rely upon you? Do you?" (Queen Seonduk)

" If you only love the sacred nation, then I would become your sacred nation"(Queen Seonduk)


redwitch said...

there's lots of meaningful quotes... but my favs definitely from My Girlfriend is a Gumiho... just because i love the Hong Sisters' writing.... and how meaningful love is between Wooong & Mi Ho... millions of thanks for the post ^________^

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I love all these quotes but I think Queen Seonduk's quotes are the best. Thank you for sharing!

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Love these quotes. Keep posting.

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OMG! Those are really memorable quotes. It's like bringing back the dramas I watched and getting those goosebumps.

I loved "Sorry I Love You" So Ji Sub is really a nice actor.

Thanks for the blog. Loved reading it!