August 1, 2011

Tutorial to Purchase a Song from MNet!!

If you just want to buy one song, MNET is an alternative option! Each song is 600 won on MNET (about .50 cents in USD) and the lowest amount you can purchase is 1000 won, so if you don’t have much to spend, this is the way to go! You can use a credit or debit card for this!
*USE INTERNET EXPLORER* ~ FIRST, you’ll need to create an MNET account! Click here and follow these instructions:
*NOTE for Americans* It will redirect you to the MNET America homepage.  Just click on the MNET Korea icon on the top right hand corner and proceeeed!

STEP 1: Click on the foreigner account box!

STEP 2: Agreements and etc

STEP 3: Create a username/password

STEP 3a: Get authentication number from email

The email should look like this and you should get it within seconds of clicking the “certification button”.  It will contain your authentication number (has been erased from image). If you don’t see it in your inbox right away, check your spam folder!

STEP 4: Log in!

STEP 5: Put money on your account!

This box should pop up…

Then it will ask you for your information

After you press that pink button, a box will pop up that says “may take up to 4 minutes for your payment to process”
A bunch of other pop up windows will pop up after this, you can just close them!  Now you’re ready to buy!

STEP 6: Find the songs you want to purchase

STEP 7: Download MNET Quick Manager

This box will pop up. Just accept the plugin and let it install!

STEP 8: After it’s all installed…buy/download the song!

Check the box(es) of the song(s) that you want to purchase, make sure you select the folder you want it to DL to on the right, and select the bit rate (file quality; 320 recommended!) you’d like to download in. And then click the pink arrow at the top

Disregard the songs listed.  Make sure the first box on the right hand side is selected and then hit DL!  Your song should DL right away, you’ll see a pink status bar next to the song. Should take less than a minute to DL!

Go find it in the folder you downloaded it to and….. ENJOY!


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