July 3, 2010

KPOP: MISS A, JYPEs new family + profile


Miss A adalah grup vokal wanita dibawah AQ Entertainment yang ga lain adalah anak dari perusahaan JYP Entertainment. Debut pada Juli 2010.

Member Miss A terdiri dari 2 korean dan 2 chinesse. Mereka juga telah terpilih sebagai model iklan Samsung Anycall agar nama mereka lebih dikenal. Seperti grup-grup profesional lainnya, mereka juga telah menjalani trainee selama 7 tahun.


Chinese Name: Meng Jia (孟佳)
Korean Name: Mong Ji Ah (멍지아)
English Name: Jia
Date of Birth: 3rd February 1989
Horoscope : Aquarius
Height: 166cm
Weight: 45kg
Nationality: China, Hunan
Nickname: Pole (Because she is thin, and slender thighs)
Hobbies: Dancing, Laughing
Favorite food: Noodles (In chinese, it is called 米粉, a form of rice noodles.)
Favorite things: Dancing, Her family^^
Education: Beijing Modern Music Institute (Modern Dancing Course, batch of 2006, left for korea after half a year.), currently studying in Seoul University of Arts
Agency: JYP Entertainment
Date of joining: 1st April 2007
Dancing styles: Power Jazz, Girl Hip Hop

Introduction: The dance machine of Miss-A, energetic dance moves, explosive visuals. Danced for years before entering JYP, majoring in ethnic dance, she changed to HIP-HOP after joining thecompany . Her passion for dancing is commendable. After training under JYP for 3 years, not only her dance improved, but her vocals are good too~ Pole (Meng Jia's nickname) is a hard working lady who is strong at the same time. No matter how tough the training goes, she is deemed to practice hard for it, while showing her pretty smile to everyone. Those who are friends with Meng Jia, praised for hardworking attitude and a lady who are good at understanding. She always shows her cute side ontelevision whenever she could. Meng Jia also knows how to take care of the other members in the group just like a big sister, and even though she went to Korea in 2007, her korean language ability is possible as a korean translator~~

Name: 李敏英 ( Lee Min Young )
Korean Name : 이민영
Birthday : 1991.6.21
Height : 158cm
Weight : 49KG
Agency : JYP entertainment
Language : English, Korean
Specialty : English, every kind of dance, singing

Introduction :
Min is a female singer who is trained by JYP and later debut in US. She is also Rain's junior. With her dancing abilities, no matter Hip-hop, Jazz, Locking, Poppin or Tap dance she is able to interpret them perfectly.

On the age of 13, together with SNSD's Hyoyeon, they form a dance group called Little Winners and received many good comments and response. Her locking skill is considered even better than Hyoyeon who is also known as the female Michael Jackson. It is reported that on the age of 12, the reason of Min being selected as a trainee under JYPE is because of her amazing dancing skill. Since 2005, she went to US and received training from many US famous musician and dancer. Minfirst US album will be released on the early half of 2007.

The producer of this album is Park Jin Young and America famous musician. Rookie female soloist who is only 15 years old has officially entered the US market. On the 24th, Park Jin Young announced Min's tour activities on Seven's 'world tour' concert press conference. On the young age of 12, Min is being trained to be a professional actor and also received 2 years of singing and dancing training under the most authoritativecompany.

Especially her album that is being produced by Irzen whom also worked for Usher's and Park Jin Young and therefore, build up people's anticipation. The 15 year old girl shocked everyone when shefirst entered the US market.

Name : Wang Fei Fei ( 王霏霏 )
Korean name : 왕페이페이
English name : Fei、Flora
Date of birth : 1987.4.27
Height : 165cm
Horoscope : Taurus
Weight : 47KG
Nationality : Haikou, Hainan
Favorite color : Red
Education : Currently studying in SEOUL INSTITUTE OF THE ARTS
Agency : JYP Entertainment
Dancing style : power jezz, girl hiphop, Chinese Folk Dance
Experience : 2009 Zhejiang Television 越跳越美丽
2009 Zhongyang Television 同一首歌
2009 Zhejiang Television 中国蓝——一周岁庆典晚会
2010.01.18 Zhejiang Television 爽食赢天下
Eventhough she is great in singing, we can't neglect her dancing abilities~
Feifei learn dancing (Chinese Folk Dance ) since she was young, so her basis is very solid~

credit: Aoiare@UltimateMiss-A, MilkShake @ UltimateMiss-A Forums,


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are you sure about their birth dates ?

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i think so.. :))
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